Saturday, June 18, 2011

Voices News June 2011


We wish that more people were going, but right now we have three people from the Voices of Liberty group who will be attending the Tea Party Sponsored Convention in Columbus. Members attending are:

Judy O'Hare
Tom Harty
Michael Schurch

Herman Cain will speak at
the We the People Convention

There is still time for other to attend and if you need help sorting that out, please contact Judy or Register online here


We are still accepting donations at every meeting for our Troups to communicate with family - Donations from our group for that project are made to the Red Cross who provides that service.


We are now accepting donations to purchase a digital projector for the group. We can use this as an educational tool so that we can view power point slide programs, internet sites for training in several areas
such as the constitution. We can also combine this with a borrowed laptop (several are available) to watch
DVD's of patriotic & educational presentations such as Waiting on Superman and Atlas Shrugged. We will
need between 400.00 & 500.00 to purchase a decent projector. We will also need to have some ongoing donations to assure maintenance. The replacement bulbs for these projectors are the major cost, but if handled properly, they last for many years.

Check it out at

You will find links to our 9-12 meet up group, our group and our government leaders.Please call and email them OFTEN with your thoughts and opinions.

You will also find a link there to our Facbook Site. I know that some people do not cotton to Facebook, but it is not a fad and will not go away. The Left side of everything under the sun uses it to communicate and justify every form of evil lie on earth. It is a battle ground and it is a great place to apply the
 Art of (verbal) War on a daily basis.

Every from of our Local Government is represented on the internet and it is very easy to begin local conversations and getting some facts and truth out there if we try and participate. I (Michael) am often the only person from this group who is speaking out. For now, no one is going to stop you from using your free speech rights on our Facebook! DO IT Please!


Voices of Liberty folks are now meeting several times per month.

We meet EVERY OTHER SATURDAY - 8:00 am at the Marion Diner -

We also meet The Third MONDAY of every month - 7:00 pm at the Marion Chamber of Commerce 205 W Center St, Marion, Oh .

 Be sure to check the web site for changes in time and location as well as other meetings and activities.

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