Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Effective immediately all Voices of Liberty/Marion County Tea Party meetings are private meetings and as such our organization reserves the right to determine who may and may not attend and how the meeting will be conducted. We respect the first amendment right of free speech for all in attendance, and we are open to questions and comments at appropriate times. However, unruly or inconsiderate behavior will not be tolerated and may be grounds for removal from this event.  Such behavior includes, but is not limited to:  intoxication, profane, disruptive or abusive language or gestures, and offensive or disorderly conduct towards any guest or speaker.

Since we want to encourage open and honest discussion among attendees, we do not allow audio or video recording of the event other than by those people authorized by our organization.  If you become aware of someone making an unauthorized recording of this event, please notify an officer of the VOL/TEA party immediately. We reserve the right to publish any audio or video of our meetings at our sole discretion, so please be aware that an electronic record is being made of anything you say or do while participating and may become available to the public.

In an effort to improve security, all members are being asked to sign in at the appropriate table upon arrival. We still have a need to grow our membership and educate the public by having them attend our meetings. Therefore, Guests are welcome and should be encouraged to come by our membership. However, non-members will need to be invited to attend, by a member, and will be asked to sign in using their identity and the members name.

Should we ever have an incident of any kind during one of our meetings, in close proximity to you personally, please do not engage the individual or individuals involved, but instead move yourself to another part of the room and allow our security staff to handle the situation.

We are confident that these measures will be sufficient to ensure a safe and productive environment for all of our meetings.  Our group has always been courteous and respectful of our speakers and other attendees and we thank you all for representing yourself and our organization in a positive manner.