Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Precinct Walking Meeting

Precinct Walking Meeting
Saturday October 15th 10 AM
Marion Chamber of Commerce
205 W Center St
This will be a short meeting to turn in work or pick up more materials
If you are not helping us, we can sure use your help.

Also, if anybody can, we will walk a precinct together after the meeting

Contact Judy ASAP via email 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Have you been to  our website at  It's looking really fantastic thanks to Michael Schurch. Browse around & leave your comments at the blog letting us know what you think.The BLOG is a  great way  for us to communicate with each other on topics of interest. Also find out what is happening with VOL.

Other updates,

After breakfast on Sat, a short  Precinct Walking meeting will be held at  the Chamber of Commerce at 10 PM.  Bring completed streets & pick up new street material.  If you want to help, join us to pick up what is needed.  Do your street, your block or more.
If you can't meet with us, please contact Judy & she can set up a time & place to meet.

Thanks to everybody that is helping.  You are truly patriots.

The VOL Team